Do These 5 Things Before Sleeping – Sadhguru

Gentle exercise can help you release some of the day’s stress and anxiety so you can wind down a bit more easily.Yoga and tai chi help to calm these hyper-aroused states, allowing your body to reset to calmer, healthier levels. They’re also great for keeping you in the moment, so you’re not obsessing over things you have no control over.
Stretch, breathe, relax. Sleep.Aim to train yourself to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends.
According to the Mayo clinic, the average adult does best with around 7 hours of sleep, so schedule sleepy time to correspond with whatever time you need to wake up to get the kids to school and/or yourself to work on time.Scents such as lavender and clary sage are known to relax people so they can get a better night’s sleep.
Others may be adaptogenic, meaning that they’ll have different effects on different people. Ylang ylang and jasmine, for example, can either relax or energize people, depending on their unique body chemistry.
14 Things To Do Before Bed That Will Put You Into A Deep, Restful Sleep