Do You Know What’s In Your Toothpaste – The BEST(And Worst) Toothpaste To Buy!

About 75 percent of American community water supplies have added fluoride in them, and that, along with widespread use of toothpaste with added fluoride,1 is credited with reducing the number of cavities people get.

The American Dental Association backs community water fluoridation as well as toothpastes containing fluoride. But there’s disagreement in the dental community, and some dentists think that the evidence for fluoride in water and toothpastes isn’t strong enough.2 What is known is that in larger amounts, fluoride is poisonous.3 That’s why toothpaste labels say not to swallow the paste and to call poison control, especially if kids swallow paste instead of spitting it out.

Some people prefer to avoid fluoride in their toothpaste. Some of the brands on this list offer toothpastes with it, but generally, nature toothpaste brands tend not to have the ingredient. So if you do want fluoride, look for that on the package when buying.