Dr. Joe Dispenza – Learn How to Reprogram Your Mind

The beauty of human evolution is that we’ve developed two selves: the primal one that does and the evolved one that monitors. You are able to observe yourself and your thoughts 24/7. With every thought that raises a red flag, stop for a second and think about it. Was it negative? Destructive? What triggered it? Does it seem logical? Addictive? You will notice a pattern to your thoughts as you begin practicing self-awareness.

Define your thought patterns. After a week or so, take a hard look at that pattern. Maybe most of your thoughts are negative, you are critical of yourself or others, or you experience unnecessary thoughts that aren’t important or beneficial to you. For each person it will be different. Once you identify this pattern, you can go about stopping it.

  • When you have a realization about yourself, it can literally stop you in your tracks – and that’s when the change can begin. After all, you can’t get to a certain place if you don’t know where you’re going.
  • Realize that everything is a part of a larger cycle. Many of us are guilty of thinking that our feelings lead to our actions, and that’s it. We’re powerless and can’t help but feel these things and act these ways as a result. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.
  • Your beliefs and thoughts determine your feelings, which in turn determine your actions, which in turn give you life results. These life results shape your beliefs and thoughts, which determine your feelings…and the cycle goes on from there. When you think of it as a cycle it’s easier to see that even just changing one of these factors can overhaul the system.[1]
  • The other part of that belief up top that isn’t right is that we’re powerless. No, no, no – in fact, you’re the only one that has the power. These thoughts, behaviors, these life results, they’re all yours, and you can change them. Change just one even, and the rest will fall into place.
  • reate a space between your thoughts and actions. This cycle is a cycle, sure, but it can be slowed down. When you start feeling that pattern creep up, stop and breathe. Try not to be reactive. How would you prefer to react? What positive thought can you put in your head instead?
  • For example, let’s say you’re watching TV and you see an ad with a beautiful woman. You think to yourself, “I could never be her,” or “I could never get her.” Stop for a second, and finish that thought better. Think, “But I have good qualities x, y, and z,” or “I’m going to use this as motivation to start working out and feel better about myself, because I’ve decided to seek out happiness, not negativity.”
  • Realize that for all your actions and thoughts you are getting some reward. Worrying constantly? You probably feel like you’re covering your bases or not getting your hopes up. Deflating your sense of self? It probably feels safe being down in the dumps, so your hopes can’t crash down around you. Think about what you’re getting out of your thoughts? Is what your getting really worth it?
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