Extend Lifespan by Fixing Your Sleep (LIVE LONGER)

Humans are often described as creatures of habit1 because we become conditioned to distinct patterns of behavior2 through repetition of certain cues and responses. Routines can make actions nearly automatic in numerous aspects of daily life, including sleep.
Actively cultivating a healthy sleep routine makes it easier to get the sleep you need on a consistent basis. By creating habits and cues that promote sleep, the norm becomes falling asleep quickly and staying asleep through the night. With more repetition, the routine gets reinforced, facilitating increasingly stable sleep patterns over time.Circadian rhythm is a principal driver of your sleep routine. It is a 24-hour cycle that is part of the body’s internal clock. Circadian rhythm is crucial to managing the delicate balance between sleep and wakefulness3, helping us be alert or drowsy at the appropriate time.
Light exposure is an essential influence on circadian rhythm4, which is closely aligned with the day-night cycle. When the eyes are exposed to light, the brain sends signals associated with wakefulness. When light exposure decreases at night, the signals switch to promote relaxation and sleep.
In this way, circadian rhythm helps to synchronize our internal clock with our external environment5. Research demonstrates that a well-synchronized circadian rhythm can contribute not only to healthy sleep but also to numerous other aspects of health6.