Get A Chair & Watch Your Stubborn Belly Fat Burn Off (SEATED ONLY)

In fact, a review of 47 studies on the effects of sitting found that “…people who sat for prolonged periods of time had a higher risk of dying from all causes…The negative effects were even more pronounced in people who did little or no exercise.A 2016 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine estimated that prolonged sitting is linked to 430,000 all-cause deaths in over 54 countries 

People who sit down most of the day are more likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes, cancer, dementia, and heart disease. Sitting down also impairs sugar and fat metabolism. Plus, sitting down consumes 30% fewer calories than when you’re standing, leading your body to start storing energy as fat.

While exercising doesn’t fix all the problems associated with sitting, it does make a big difference in improving your health. So, make sure to regularly get up and move around.