How to Boost Your Acetylcholine for Super Brain Power

Acetylcholine is involved in the following: • Memory • Learning ability • Sleep • Attention • Focus • Alertness • Awakeness A deficiency in acetylcholine can lead to many different health issues. A common side effect of medications that are anticholinergic is a loss of memory, possibly because they create a deficiency in acetylcholine. Low acetylcholine is common in certain conditions, including: • Autism • Alzheimer’s disease and dementia • MS • Parkinson’s disease The best foods to increase acetylcholine: 1. Egg yolks 2. Beef liver 3. Blueberries The top nutrients to boost acetylcholine: 1. Vitamin B5 2. Zinc 3. Magnesium 4. Manganese 5. Omega-3 fatty acids 6. A phytonutrient in green teaOther ways to take advantage of the benefits of acetylcholine: • Drink coffee • Get plenty of sleep • Support healthy insulin levels