How to Get Rid of Your BELLY FAT for Good | Dr. Mandell

The size of your waist is related to subcutaneous fat underneath your skin and the visceral fat surrounding your organs. Although subcutaneous fat may be what we notice when we look in the mirror, visceral fat is most harmful.
Researchers have proved that excess fat around our organs increases the risk of metabolic diseases, including:
Fatty liver disease.
Heart disease and elevated cholesterol.
Polycystic ovary syndrome.
Excess weight also increases the risk of sleep apnea, joint pain and different forms of cancer.“Patients want to know why they can’t just do sit-ups to melt away the fat,” says Dr. Creel. “When you do sit-ups, you’re strengthening muscles in the abdomen, but that doesn’t specifically target the fat or loose skin around our stomach. It’s also important to understand that where we gain or lose fat is influenced by our genetics.”
Although genetics can be an obstacle, and we can’t spot reduce our fat, Dr. Creel says there are still strategies we can use to trim belly fat.Exercises that increase your heart rate and make you sweat help you lose weight in general — both visceral fat and the fat under your skin. Aerobic exercise burns overall calories and helps you reduce total body fat, especially if you make changes in your diet at the same time.
Dr. Creel says the key to losing visceral fat seems to lie in a combination approach. He suggests building a cardio routine of at least 150 minutes per week while adding two to three days per week of whole-body strength training.
“Any added muscle will increase our calorie burn at rest, whereas cardiovascular exercise will give our metabolism a boost during and for a short time after exercise,” Dr. Creel explains. “Exercise may also have indirect positive benefits on weight by helping us sleep better and manage emotional eating.”Consuming too much added sugar is associated with excess weight that’s likely to accumulate around your waist. Sugar-sweetened beverages and drinking too much fruit juice can be particularly harmful.
“When we drink our calories, especially with soda or juice, we don’t feel as full or satisfied compared to chewing those calories,” notes Dr. Creel. “For instance, you may eat three oranges for the same amount of calories as a large glass of orange juice and feel much fuller for a longer period of time.”
10 Ways To Get Rid of Belly Fat for Good