Mental Resistance: Why you feel “stuck”

Unconscious self-limitation and self-sabotage

Self-limitation and self-sabotage are often the results of looking for a way out.

Whether it’s a career or a relationship you’re unhappy with, you may unconsciously engage in self-sabotaging behavior.

You may also live with something called impostor syndrome, where you doubt your self-worth and capabilities.

Unmanaged mental health conditions

When you live with mental health conditions like depression or anxiety, they may add to your feeling of being stuck.

But when you manage these conditions (because, yes, they can be managed) you can regain your motivation and sense of purpose.

“We all experience mental health symptoms at various points in our lives because we are human and have mental health just like we have physical health,” says Marter. “Transcend shame and stigma and seek the support you need and deserve.”