Should I Workout While I am Fasting? – Dr. Berg Answers!

ust like fasting itself, maximizing your intermittent fasting workout routine ultimately boils down to your body’s specific needs, but it’s also informed by your particular workout goals and the food you consume when you’re not fasting. The daytime period during which you eat is known as the fueling window; a key question is whether to workout beforeduring or after that window. There’s no “right” answer here — consider these factors as you plan your intermittent fasting workout schedule:

  • Exercise during the fueling window typically serves as a reliable “all around” option for both performance and recovery; it’s also beneficial if your routine focuses on post-workout nutrition (such as protein recovery).
  • Some people find that they perform well on an empty stomach; if this is you, exercise before the window is an option.
  • If you prefer to exercise after fueling up with food, the after window may be your best bet, especially if you’re tight on time during the fueling window.
  • Lower carb days are better suited to cardio or high-intensity interval training workouts.
  • Because strength training requires protein recovery, it may be best scheduled in the “before” or “during” window.