Shoulder Pain Relief Exercises in 5 min

Shoulder pain is extremely common and can be frustrating and difficult to remedy. Although many cases require professional help, often the root cause of the problem can be solved by strengthening your rotator cuff and improving your range of motion.
That is where these exercises can help.Bands are especially effective for shoulder pain exercises because, unlike weights, they can be used to apply gentle resistance to any movement from any angle. This is particularly useful for doing rotational shoulder exercises, which are the most effective for relief of shoulder pain.
Although physical therapy bands are the best for these kinds of exercises, you can also use:
Resistance Tubes
Loop Bands
Mini LoopsThese exercises can be done in any order, but try to do at least one set of each. Rotational exercises 1, 2 and 8 are the best for strengthening your rotator cuff muscles. But for good shoulder health you should try to do all of these exercises regularly.
1. Internal Shoulder Rotation
Exercises for shoulder pain: Internal Shoulder Rotation
Secure the band to a fixed object such as a door handle. Keeping your elbow close to your side (you can put a rolled towel between your body and upper arm to limit arm movement), rotate your shoulder inwards, stretching the band. Be sure to keep your shoulder back and elbow in.External Shoulder RotationSame as above, except this time you are rotating your shoulder outward. Be sure to keep your shoulder back (not hunched forward) and your elbow in to your side. Putting a towel between your body and upper arm may help with this.
12 Exercises for Shoulder Pain Relief