Stress Causes Bone Loss?

A variety of personal and social problems can arise for people who experience persistent anxiety about bone pain. These may include:

  • Anxiety Attacks If you are someone with a preexisting anxiety condition, bone pain can cause the kinds of escalating negative thoughts that can lead to anxiety or panic attacks. Panic attacks are often triggered by health fears, and any time you feel that something may be affecting your bone health, you may be overwhelmed and trigger an attack.
  • Refusing to See a Doctor Some people may become fixated on the possibility that their bone pain could mean cancer and perhaps a risk of dying. Hoping to avoid having their fears confirmed, they choose to avoid going to a doctor in spite of the chance that a doctor’s diagnosis might assuage their fears rather than confirm them. This type of anxiety reaction keeps the person from being treated by a professional, causing them to remain in physical pain and psychological distress. Both of these conditions may worsen if they become convinced that their illness is spreading while they grapple with an inability to motivate themselves to see a doctor and find out for certain.