The 10 Causes of Inflammation

Gastritis or inflammation of the stomach can be a short lasting phase of acute inflammation (acute gastritis) or a long lasting phase (chronic gastritis), which may take longer time to heal.A bacteria called H. pylori living in the stomach lining is thought to be one of the main reasons for inflammation of stomach. It can affect anyone, while some people may be more vulnerable to the attack of this bacterial infection. Some lifestyle preferences like regular smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, too much spicy food, etc. are found to affect the stomach lining and cause harm to it. These substances irritate the gastric mucosa and increase the chances of inflammation of stomach. Stress induced due to injuries, burns, surgeries, etc. can also contribute to the irritation of stomach lining.
What Can Cause Inflammation of the Stomach and How is it Treated?

Inflammation is a huge problem across the world. Unfortunately, most people camouflage their pain and inflammation with medications, which don’t really fix the root cause of inflammation. It’s crucial to isolate what’s really causing your inflammation, so you know what you can do to heal instead of just masking the situation with medications. Inflammation is a problem in itself, but it has also been linked to serious health issues, such as cancer, heart disease, and insulin resistance. Potential causes of inflammation: 1. High iron Natural remedy: • Phytic acidAutoimmune conditions Natural remedies: • Vitamin D3 (40,000 IU) • TUDCA 3. Fiber Natural remedy: • The carnivore diet