The 7 Benefits of a Cold Shower

Potential benefits include everything from improving your circulation to weight loss to ramping up your immune system. But while there is science and research behind the claims, taking a cold shower should not be viewed as a cure-all or replacement for more traditional (and warmer) wellness therapies, explains Carter.This process stimulates blood flow, which – on the whole – is a good thing for your overall health. Even your skin gets clearer and healthier with increased circulation. But there are better ways to get your blood pumping that don’t involve shivering, notes Carter.
“Go for a 10 minute walk instead,” he says. “You’ll be better off.”
“There is a potential upside,” explains Carter. “The question is whether it’s worth the stress you put your body through in the process.”Taking cold showers may help you dodge catching the latest… well, cold. Researchers have found that taking icy showers may heighten your immune system and make you more resistant to illness.
clinical trial in the Netherlands found that cold showers led to a 29% reduction in people calling off sick from work. Another study even connected cold showers to improved cancer survival.
On the mental health side, researchers found that cold showers may help relieve symptoms of depression. (The study did note that more research is needed.)
Carter, however, cautions against putting too much emphasis on the power of a cold shower. “Cold showers are not truly efficient in any of these areas,” he says. “You’re not getting enough for the discomfort they bring.”The benefits of a cold shower begin when the water temperature dips to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, says Carter. To put that in perspective, that’s about 40 degrees F lower than your typical steamy shower.
Give your body time to adjust as you drop the water temperature, advises Carter. Thirty seconds under the cold stream can deliver some of your desired responses and results. The potential benefits of the cold water session begin to ebb after three minutes.
Are Cold Showers Good for You?