The Best Low Back Stretches | Lower Back Pain Relief Routine (With FREE Exercise Sheet!)

This relaxing traditional yoga pose will sure loosen up your tight lower back muscles and ensure you are more flexible. The pose works on your gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and spinal extensors respectively.For a starting position, sink back through your hips to rest them on your heels with your hands and knees on the ground.
As you fold forward hinge at your hips, walking your hands out in front of you.
Let your belly rest on your thighs.
With your palms facing up, extend your arms in front of or alongside your body.
Breathe deeply and allow any areas of tension or tightness to relax.
This pose must be held for up to 1 minute. You can repeat it for 10 minutes. This stretch promotes overall relaxation while ensuring that your hips, thighs, and glutes are also relaxed. Step-by step instructions for the back stretching exercise:
With both knees bent, lie on your back and let your feet be flat on the floor.
Bend your left knee or extend your left knee straight out along the floor.
Let your right knee be drawn into your chest, while your hands are clasped behind your thigh or at the top of your shinbone.
Get your spine lengthened all the way down to your tailbone, be careful not to lift your hips.
Take a deep breath, releasing any tension.
This pose must be held for up to 1 minute.
Repeat the routine using the other leg.
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