The BEST Sweet Potato Brownies!

Moisture and Texture: Mashed sweet potatoes add moisture to the brownies, resulting in a fudgy, rich texture that people love in brownies. This can be especially helpful if you’re aiming for a recipe with less fat, as the sweet potato can replace some of the butter or oil typically used.
Natural Sweetness: Sweet potatoes have a natural sweetness that can help reduce the amount of refined sugar needed in the recipe. This can be a plus for those looking for a slightly healthier brownie option.
Hidden Veggies: This can be a sneaky way to incorporate some extra vegetables into your diet, especially if you have picky eaters. The sweet potato flavor is often masked by the chocolate, making them a great hidden veggie option!
Nutritional Boost: Sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. While brownies probably wouldn’t be considered health food, adding sweet potatoes can give them a bit of a nutritional boost.
Here’s what a couple of recipe developers have to say about adding sweet potatoes to brownies:
Well Plated by Erin says their sweet potato brownie recipe is “Fudgy and Healthy!” and that the sweet potatoes provide moisture and natural sweetness, similar to how applesauce works in healthy desserts [Well Plated Sweet Potato Brownies recipe]. They also note that the brownies won’t taste like sweet potatoes.
Chocolate Covered Katie focuses on healthy dessert recipes and their take on Sweet Potato Brownies is no exception. They call it the “best healthy sweet potato brownie recipe” and say the sweet potato adds moisture without needing any oil, making them suitable for low-calorie, gluten-free, and sugar-free diets [Chocolate Covered Katie Sweet Potato Brownies recipe].
So, while sweet potatoes might seem like an unconventional ingredient, they can add moisture, sweetness, and even some hidden nutrients to your brownies!

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