according to Pete McCall, CPT, a certified personal trainer and host of the All About Fitness podcast. Squats are a fundamental movement you do every day, so make sure you’re doing them correctly to avoid injury.

And because this lower-body exercise targets so many muscles — including your core, quads, glutes and hamstrings — it’s one of the best strength exercises for seniors.he barbell is a single, straight bar that only allows for a certain range of movement. Chest pressing with dumbbells, on the other hand, allows you to dip your elbows lower, giving your pecs (chest muscles) a better workout.

Plus, dumbbells place less stress on the wrists, whereas a barbell keeps your wrists locked in a fixed position. You can also hold dumbbells at slightly different angles for added important movement pattern that should be worked on regularly to build and maintain upper-body strength with age, McCall says.

However, most overhead shoulder exercises are hard on your shoulder joints. The dumbbell incline press is the perfect alternative. It works your shoulders at a more comfortable angle while providing extra back support.