The Unhealthiest Way to Cook Your EGGS! Dr. Mandell

Deep-frying: This method immerses eggs in hot oil, adding significant amounts of unhealthy fats and calories. Additionally, high frying temperatures can damage both the fats in the oil and some nutrients in the eggs.

2. Frying in butter at high heat: While not as calorie-dense as deep-frying, frying eggs in butter adds saturated fat and increases the risk of burning the butter, creating potentially harmful compounds. It can also damage some nutrients in the egg.

However, even these methods aren’t inherently “bad” in moderation. It’s important to consider:

  • The type of oil used: Choose oils with high smoke points like avocado or olive oil for frying to avoid harmful breakdown.
  • The amount of fat used: Use a minimal amount of oil or butter to minimize calorie and fat intake.
  • Cooking temperature: Cook at lower temperatures and avoid burning the fat.
  • Overall dietary context: Occasional less-healthy choices are okay if your overall diet is balanced and nutritious.

Remember, healthier options include poaching, boiling, baking, or scrambling with minimal fat. It’s all about balancing enjoyment with healthy choices!

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