these turtle care mistakes need to STOP (things to avoid and care tips)

Improper diet: Overfeeding is a big one. Turtles don’t need a ton of food, and feeding them too much can lead to health problems. You should also avoid giving them the wrong foods, like lettuce or feeder fish as their main diet. Research your specific turtle species’ dietary needs.
Incorrect habitat setup: This can include things like not having a basking area with a heat lamp, not having the right water temperature, or using a substrate that is too small and your turtle could eat. Turtles also need a good amount of space to swim and explore.
Poor water quality: Dirty tank water can make your turtle sick. Make sure to clean the tank regularly and use a good filter.
Not enough enrichment: Turtles need things to keep them mentally stimulated, like hiding spots, live plants (if suitable for the species), and basking platforms.
Not doing enough research: Before getting a turtle, it’s important to learn about the specific needs of the species you’re interested in. Different turtles have different requirements for things like diet, habitat, and lifespan.

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