What Men Need to Know About Diet & Exercise | #MENtionIt

You can lose weight by walking just 30 minutes a day

Walking is also one of the best exercises for losing weight — it’s relatively easy to do, easy on the joints, it’s free and you have to do it every day anyway. 

To start walking for fitness, try to begin with a 20-minute walk every day. “If that’s too much, start smaller,” Dr. Roizen says. “But do set a goal of building to 30 minutes a day, every day.”

Once you’ve mastered that, take your time increasing to a higher level. Never increase more than 10% more any one day than your maximum the prior week. 

When you’re ready, increase your goal to 10,000 steps a day (a pedometer will help — see item #4).

Visit Cleveland Clinic: https://cle.clinic/2AXdTuM