What Your Poop Says About Your Health & Longevity! | Dr. Steven Gundry

Green coloring is usually caused by eating vegetables that are rich in chlorophyll, like spinach and broccoli. It can also happen when you take iron supplements or drink green-colored beverages or eat foods with green food coloring.
If you have not consumed any of those items and notice green coloring, your stool may have passed through the digestive tract too quickly and did not have enough time to interact with the bile and bilirubin.his can be a sign of a blocked bile duct as well as poor fat absorption in your body.  Another possible reason could be a lack of enzymes produced by your pancreas, which could indicate chronic pancreatitis, celiac disease and even cystic fibrosis.You can get black poop when taking certain medication, like aspirin or ibuprofen, as well as iron supplements. However, it can also indicate bleeding in your intestines so you want to get it checked right away. Red shades are influenced by your diet, specifically foods like beets and tomatoes, so think about what you have eaten recently. If food is not the reason, it could be blood from an anal fissure, ulcerative colitis, or hemorrhoids, so you should speak with your doctor right away.Separate solid lumps: If they look like goat feces, it could be a sign of severe constipation.  This shape indicates a lack of fiber, so consider eating more fiber-based foods, like whole-wheat pasta, lentils, and raspberries to correct the issue.Constipation can also occur as a result of non-dietary factors such as a lack of exercise and long-term ingestion of certain medications.