When other people appear in your dreams…this is what it means! – Abraham Hicks 2022

What dreams mean typically has to do with how we feel about a certain topic or person, or what has recently impressed our subconscious mind. Often it’s something minor but other times, when we get deep into REM sleep, we have the type of dream that heralds heavy emotional turmoil.

So, as you go through the stages of sleep tonight and reach the rapid eye movement part of the REM stage, you may have a dream about your best friend or a family member.Some dreams do have major significance regarding our emotional state and aspects of our own life but that phenomenon doesn’t always need to be all that significant. Sometimes, a person has left an impression on us and that’s all there is to it.On the other end of the significance spectrum, many dreams about other people serve to remind us how we feel about them. This is very common when we dream of someone close to us we’ve been ignoring for some time. So, for example, you might dream about your mom or dad, about a close friend you’re developing a crush on, and so on.Properly recognizing and understanding such a dream can give you a great headstart in such situations. If you miss the hint, however, you may end up behind the current and miss out on an opportunity or worse – accidentally let your relationship with someone go sour.

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