Worst Bodybuilding Side Effects NO ONE Wants To Talk About

You better watch out because the 4th deadly side effect is super serious so you better be paying attention. One of the deadliest side effects when you become a gym junkie  is that your testosterone levels will shoot through the roof.

This is not good if you are currently single because you’re going to want to have a lot more sex with a lot more women. You should definitely prepare because your sexual appetite is going to go way beyond just the appetizer. Multiple partners = multiple problems. This is an equation you don’t want to mess around with and it doesn’t take an Einstein to work this out.

Please wear a condom at all times and practice safe sex, especially if you have been working out because your testosterone level are going to cause you to act like a dog on heat. The more you get jiggy with it, the greater the chances of getting jiggy with an STD also.

You’re going to become totally obsessed with working out after you see the ongoing evolution of your rock hard abs, chiseled pecs and massive guns in the mirror. This obsession will not stop and it will take over your life. Sooner or later you are going to want to upgrade everything around you so that your obsession will be satisfied (even though this is impossible) . You’re going to want the best membership from the most exclusive gyms. You’re going to throw out your whole wardrobe and replace it with clothing that shows off your big beefy arms and your fully loaded chest. Prepare to spend a lot of time at the supermarket too, because you’re going to need a ton of food to maintain your tank like body.

You think money grows on trees? Come on and get real! All these things don’t come cheap. Does it sound like fun getting big muscles in exchange for a small bank account? The economy is in ruins, don’t you think it is better to sit in front of the television, become a couch potato, and save your money?

Think silly. That’s right. It’s a no-brainer!

You have been warned!