Yoga for Prostate Problems over 50s

A study by the University of Pennsylvania found that weekly yoga sessions showed improvements in sexual and urinal function in prostate cancer patients who underwent six to nine weeks of radiotherapy.
Patients in the yoga group performed yoga for 15 to 60 minutes a week before their prostatectomy (3 to 6 weeks). The yoga sessions improved the degree of fatigue experienced by the patients compared to the control group.
A 2013 study found that men who performed pelvic floor exercises every day for 12 weeks after prostate surgery each day improved their urinary function and overall quality of life.
They had lower urinary tract symptoms and a maximum urinary flow rate. Substratification was an improvement of sexual, physical, and social well-being in the yoga group.
We found that the selected Ash Yoga poses are well tolerated by the patient population and approached with goodwill, time, and a good sense of humor.
In this regard, there is evidence that yoga in combination with pelvic floor training can help to alleviate back pain in women.
Various studies have shown that exercise is safe and well-tolerated in patients with diverse cancer treatments.19-12 An estimated 233,000 men with prostate cancer (PC) will be diagnosed in 201413.
At least a third are expected to undergo definitive RT at some point in their lives. Recent studies suggest that men suffering from the side effects of radiotherapy for prostate cancer (RT) may consider taking a yoga class.
Below are some selected yoga practices which will be helpful in treating prostate problems at home, although, it is recommended to continue with the physician’s consultation.
Yoga for Prostate Problem