Your Gut is Talking to You, Why Aren’t You Listening? Part 1 (LIVE)

Physical Signs:

  • Unease: A tightness, churning, or nausea in your stomach can signal your intuition picking up on something off.
  • Fight-or-Flight: Increased heart rate, sweating, or jitters can be your body’s way of saying “be cautious.”
  • Relaxation: Conversely, a feeling of calm or ease after a decision might be your gut’s “thumbs up.”

Emotional Signs:

  • Sudden Aversion: An unexplainable dislike for someone or something could be intuition’s warning sign.
  • Unexcited Excitement: Feeling obligated or pressured into excitement can be different from genuine enthusiasm.
  • Inner Peace: A deep sense of knowing, even without logic explaining it, can be your gut feeling guiding you.


  • Intuition is personal: Bodily and emotional cues vary by person. Pay attention to what signals resonate with you.
  • Gut vs. Anxiety: Anxiety can mimic intuition. Consider if your fear is rational or unfounded.
  • Gather Information: Don’t rely solely on gut instinct. Use it alongside logic and information gathering.

By recognizing these signs and developing your intuition, you can make more informed choices and navigate life with a sense of inner trust.

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