Sharp Stomach Pain That Comes and Goes

Gas and bloating are very common problems. They tend to be cyclical.
Although gas does not cause long-term harm, the pain can range from dull and mild to sharp and severe. It may get steadily worse over several minutes, then get better, only to grow worse again.
Numerous issues can cause gas, including:
stomach viruses
irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
swallowing too much air
food sensitivities, such as lactose intolerance
Over-the-counter (OTC) gas remedies often help reduce this pain. A range of gas remedies is available for purchase online. Some people also find relief from heating pads or a gentle stomach massage.Stomach viruses, such as norovirus, cause intense cramping that may come and go. The cramping usually precedes vomiting, which offers temporary relief.
Symptoms of stomach viruses can last for a few days. Some people also develop a fever or muscle aches.
Stomach viruses usually clear in a few days, without medical treatment. It is crucial to drink lots of water during this time. If symptoms get worse or a person seems dehydrated, call a doctor.Pain in the upper right stomach that comes and goes could signal a problem with the gallbladder, such as gallstones.
Gallstones can block the ducts of the gallbladder, making digestion more difficult. This causes pain shortly after eating, especially after very fatty meals. People with gallstones may notice that the pain appears a few hours after eating, lasts for 4–6 hours, and then disappears.
Gallstones sometimes pass on their own. If they do not, they can block the biliary ducts, which can affect liver function. Untreated gallstones may also cause problems with the pancreas.