The Exercises That Built My Physique (Top 6 That Made a Difference)

Push ups

This is the simplest and easiest exercise you can do at home, it takes no equipment and it requires no sophisticated technique. Push ups work your chest, triceps and a little of your shoulders. In addition to regular pushups you can modify them to make them a little more difficult and target specific muscles. If you spread your arms out wider it focuses more on your chest, closer together focuses on your triceps and elevating your feet hits your shoulders harder. Push ups are extremely simple, the trick to getting the most out of it is that you don’t do the max you can do, instead do about 60-80% of your max for 4 reps and do them everyday.Squats are the best exercise for developing your lower body, it engages pretty much every major muscle in your legs in one motion and it doesn’t require a large amount of weight to be effective. You can do this with just your bodyweight or you can add a kettlebell, dumbbell or a barbell to add extra weight as you get stronger. Deadlifts will require some type of weight but it can be a kettlebell, dumbbell or barbell that you will use to lift off the floor. It’s very important that you go easy on the weight because this exercise does use the lower back and you don’t want to overwork the muscle, if you use 60-80% of your max on the other exercises use about 40-60% for deadlifts.