The FIRST Sign of a Vitamin A Deficiency Is…

Vitamin A deficiency is when your body lacks the amount of vitamin A it needs to function properly. Vitamin A deficiency can cause vision loss and blindness. It can also lead to complications with your skin, heart, lungs, tissues and immune system

Vitamin A deficiency is rare in the United States, but it can affect people who don’t get enough vitamin A in their diets. It also affects people with certain liver disorders and conditions that affect how their bodies can absorb vitamins.

In developing countries around the world, many people don’t get enough vitamin A. Infants, children and people who are pregnant or breastfeeding are the most at risk. Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of blindness in children around the world. Every year, between 250,000 children and 500,000 children worldwide become blind because of vitamin A deficiency.Vitamin A plays a key role in many systems of your body. Vitamin A is essential for healthy visionmetabolism and cell development. It’s an important factor in keeping your immune system and reproductive system healthy. Your body can’t make vitamin A on its own, so you must get it through the foods you eat.