Healthy Eating – Portion Control

A healthy portion size should include the right balance of the different food groups. One of the most important parts of any weight loss programme or plan is to reduce portion sizes of everyday meals and follow a healthy, balanced weight loss meal plan.
Before starting one of our online weight loss programmes, we find that many of our patients are eating too large portion sizes, or too much of a particular food group. Many of us have no idea what a healthy serving size really is and end up eating hundreds of extra calories each day. Comparing your portions visually to everyday objects should give you a good idea of how much of each food group you should eat every day.
To ensure you’re not overeating and are following your healthy diet, download our useful healthy eating and portion control guide to help you and your family stick to healthy portion sizes. Learning to control your portions for weight loss and weight management could be challenging at first. With our visual food group guide and after a little practice, you will find it easy and natural.
Portion Size Guide: What Are Correct Portion Sizes?