Liver Pain? – Right upper abdominal pain. Right upper quadrant pain

Pain in your abdomen can be hard to diagnose because it holds so many organs. Doctors describe your abdomen in sections or quadrants to help find the organs that might be the cause of any health problems.
The right upper quadrant, or the RUQ, has many important organs that affect your health. It’s important to pay attention to pain in this area. These include:
Large intestine
Small intestine
Right kidney
To find this section, look down at your belly and imagine a vertical line through the center. Then imagine a second horizontal line across your belly. This divides your abdomen into four sections. The upper right section near your ribs is the right upper quadrant.
Symptoms of Right Upper Quadrant Pain
Depending on the organ involved, you might have many different symptoms along with the pain in your abdomen. These might include:
Swelling in your abdomen
Yellow skin
Blood in your stool
Tenderness in your abdomen
Pain when you take a breath