Pediatricians Debunk 16 Myths About Raising Kids

But love alone is not enough. To love your child means not always pleasing your child. Love is the willing partner of discipline.
One reason parents sometimes find it hard to maintain the up-welling warmth of love on a daily basis is because they have let discipline slide. When your day is full of hassles and whining and backtalk and stress, it is difficult to respond with love. It isn’t an either/or proposition.Discipline squelches creativity
Promoting creativity is no excuse for allowing children to be rude and irresponsible. That is selfish, not creative.
True discipline is not limiting (see Myth #2). Rather, it is the foundation from which a child can, and will, fly.Patience is a virtue
Patience can be a virtue, but for parents, it is often a trap. More appropriately, we need to have realistic expectations.
We mustn’t expect more from our children than they are able to manage. Having a true understanding of the process of learning and development allows parents to observe their children’s fitful progress along their unique paths without the distortions of hasty judgment.