Use A Tea Bag And You Will Never See Spiders Or Mice In Your House Again!

Peppermint is a fantastic, all-natural spider deterrent! It’s a popular natural remedy that many even say rivals chemical products.For us humans, peppermint is usually a pleasant smell that reminds us of candy, cooking, and refreshing sweets. But to spiders? That fragrant aroma is overbearing and uncomfortable!To create a spray solution, add one and a half cups of water and about half a cup of white vinegar to a standard spray bottle. Then, add about 20 drops of your peppermint oil. Give the bottle a good shake to mix everything up, and you’re good to go!

There are some reasons why the pungent oil fails to work as mice deterrent for some people. The most common reason is the scent of the oil is not strong enough. If you wish to irritate mice with peppermint oil, the scent should be very strong. Products of peppermint oil that you find at stores vary. Even, the scent is a different one to another. Some products have high oil concentration while the others don’t.The second reason for the failure is to place the oil in wrong places. Some people just randomly place the oil-soaked cotton balls or spray the oils in areas that do not attract mice. Before applying the oil, it is better to make an observation place. Mark the areas in the house where you spot mice frequently. If, for example, you place the peppermint oil on your desk while mice are frequently spotted on the wall behind your cupboard, you will likely to fail.Diligence is another possible problem. For your information, the smell dissipates after 24 hours depending on the level of oil concentration. Some high concentrated oil can last for 48 hours. It means that you need to replenish the spray every day even sooner. Don’t just leave it after setting it out otherwise it won’t help. So, it is clear that knowing how to use peppermint oil for mice is very important if you want to be successful with the natural method.As now you know the myths and truths of Peppermint Oil and Mice, you should not be confused anymore in using the method. As long as you use the oil properly with only a few mice, there is a chance that it will work. However, for more serious mouse attack, you should try other effective methods like mouse trap or bait station.

Peppermint Oil and Mice | What’s the Truth and Myth