15 Things Your SKIN Tells You about Your LIVER – Dr. Berg

Then we can explain the types of marks that occur when there is a liver disease or malfunction.

  • Angiomas: they have reddish tones, they are caused by the accumulation of capillary vessels in the outer layer of the skin. In addition, they evolve mainly in patients with liver cirrhosis.  
  • Jaundice: this is the presence of a yellowish hue in the pelt, it is not a spot or mark, and it is caused by high levels of bilirubin in the blood. It usually occurs in those with cirrhosis of the liver, fatty liver or hepatitis.
  • Hemochromatosis: it is caused by the accumulation of iron in the liver, which causes darkening of the skin on the face. It usually occurs in people suffering from alcoholism.
  • Food: the pelt can be the reflection of the status of your body, that is why maintaining a healthy and balanced diet will be key to improve the appearance of this, as well as your health. It is recommended to eat fruits, vegetables and fiber. 
  • Alcohol: alcohol consumption can not only damage the liver. But also generate different skin tones, so it is recommended to reduce its consumption to a minimum. 
  • Hydration: in addition to reducing wrinkles, dark circles and acne, it will also help keep your liver healthy and reduce those unwanted spots. 
  • Care: using sunscreen, creams suitable for your pelt, as well as going to a dermatologist will be wise steps to improve your skin. 
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