19 Foods That’ll NEVER Make You Fat

Celery is probably the most notorious “negative-calorie” food (that’s not actually a thing, by the way). What’s meant by the commonly used term? “There’s this thing called the ‘thermogenic effect of food’—in short, your body burns calories digesting the food you eat,” says Angela Lemond, R.D.N., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Bell Peppers
Calories per medium pepper: 30
Slice them up into sticks; throw them into a stir-fry; or hollow them out, stuff with lean ground beef and couscous,Kale has found its way onto every healthy-food list, and it would be wrong to leave it off of this one. “We find that people who have a low intake of these types of vegetables have higher body weights consistently,” Lemond says. “People who say they don’t like vegetables don’t realize they’re putting themselves at risk, because incorporating these foods tends to naturally lower total caloric intake for the day.”
8 foods that’ll never make you fat