5 Deadlift Variations to BULLETPROOF Your Lower Back (helped fix my low back pain)

Start with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, weight distributed evenly between the ball and heel of your foot. Your weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbell) should be on the floor slightly in front of your feet.
Contract your core (imagine someone’s about to punch you in the stomach). Hinge your hips back as if to tap a wall behind you with your butt as your chest and head reach forward. Your gaze should follow this motion to keep your head aligned with yoWhen you get to the point where you can’t hinge anymore because your hamstrings won’t allow it, bend your knees and keep lowering your body with your hips back until your hands reach the weights sitting on the floor.
Inhale to prepare to lift the weights or bar. Grip the weights in both hands while squeezing your shoulders together and dropping them down your back (imagine there’s a pencil between them that you don’t want to fall). Keep your spine straight.
Exhale and squeeze your glutes to initiate the hips driving up and forward as you stand with the weights in your hands, pressing the ground away from you.ur spine. Make sure your ribs stay stacked over your hips and you don’t arch your back.