Dentists Debunk 14 Teeth Myths

Sugar Causes Cavities
While it does help the formation of cavities, sugar actually doesn’t cause them. 
The culprit behind cavities is bacteria.
They produce an acid that eats away the enamel (the hard outer layer) of your teeth. And this bacteria loves sugar. Unless you rinse and brush it away, it will cause tooth decay.
So, sugar is still bad for your teeth. But, it’s not sugar itself that causes cavities, it only feeds the bacteria that do. That’s why this common dental myth still holds a tiny bit of truth.
2. Brushing Harder Cleans Better
It’s easy to understand why this dental misconception is so commonly believed. But, it’s not true at all. Quite the opposite, actually.
Brushing harder doesn’t clean your teeth better, but it does wear away your enamel. So, you fall on the other side of the horse, and you end up with more cavities if you consistently brush harshly.
3. Chewing Gum Is Just as Good as Brushing Your Teeth
Minty, sugar-free chewing gum leaves a similar feeling in your mouth as after brushing your teeth. 
But, it doesn’t even come near the cleaning power of a thorough (but not too harsh) tooth brushing and dental cleaning routine.
4. Charcoal Toothpaste Is Better
Charcoal toothpaste is the latest trend in the dental industry. Supposedly, it helps whiten your teeth. There’s some truth to that, seeing as charcoal is a mild abrasive. So, it can take off surface-level staining, just like baking soda can.
But, charcoal is also a very absorbent chemical. 
It can absorb various crucial nutrients in your mouth as you’re brushing your teeth. Charcoal toothpaste often doesn’t include fluoride either, so it provides no protection for your enamel.