Firas Zahabi: Some People Don’t Know the Reality of Violence

violence is not only applied physically or psychologically in terms of its implementation, there is also a different type of violence called as “symbolic violence”. As the concept of Pierre Bourdieu, “the symbolic violence” states that you do not even face people to commit violence, let alone touch them. For example, in patriarchal societies, with the power of man from a historical background, by accepting the power to act all kinds of actions in life, Bourdieu defined the man’s being subduer and in a superior position when compared to women as a symbolic violence against women in that society. As another example, Bourdieu states that the standard body perception imposed by fashion in modern societies is a symbolic violence against people who do not suit these standards. He also mentions that symbolic violence is difficult to notice as it is internalized as natural or normal by those exposed to it. Here, again, the main criterion that makes these acts violent is the relationship between the sides.