Healing the Nervous System From Trauma: Somatic Experiencing

Embrace your spirituality. Some people turn toward religion or spirituality as a way to heal and work through trauma. Your beliefs may help you navigate the meaning and purpose of your negative experiences or help you connect with something outside of yourself. You may take refuge and comfort in your beliefs of a greater plan or higher power.Being a part of a spiritual community may help you gather with other like-minded individuals ready to help you and support you.Part of healing is having things and experiences in your life that don’t involve the trauma. Enjoy some social activities like getting together with friends, going bowling, or attending concerts. Try to experience some “normal” time.[5]If you’re invited to spend time with friends, do your best to go, even if you don’t feel like it.
Spending time doing “normal” things can help you feel like you’re moving toward a more normal life once again.
On the other hand, you don’t need to try to do so many things you have no time at all to think about your trauma. You might try designating a specific time to think about it, process emotions and grieve. You may eventually learn how to ‘save’ emotions or thought that pop up throughout your day for you to go over during your designated time.