How To Get Abs and a Flat Stomach in 5 Min

The best abdominal exercises for women target four muscle groups in your core:
External abdominal obliques. These are the
muscles in your sides that you can feel just beneath your arms, along your
Internal abdominal obliques. These are
stabilizing muscles that lie underneath your external obliques.
Transversus abdominus. These are the
deepest muscles. They run horizontally around your midsection.
Rectus abdominus. These muscles run
from your sternum down to your pelvis. They help flex your spine as you walk.
They’re also the most superficial muscles in your abdomen and the ones you see
in “six-pack” abs.Stand
up tall with your feet together and your core engaged.
at the hips and try to touch the floor. As soon as your fingertips hit the
floor, walk your hands out until you reach a push-up position.
your way back up to the starting position by inching your hands backward and
piking your hips up to the ceiling. When your feet are flat on the floor, bend
at the hips again and lift yourself back up to the standing position.