Increasing number of people in United Kingdom go hungry because of price spikes

The rate of hunger is 150% higher than the national average in one out of every six local authorities in the UK, a new study has found.This is followed closely by Hull in Yorkshire, where 13% of people said they are going hungry and more than one in five adults struggling to access food.

According to the data, in January 2021, 4.2% of adults reported that during the previous month they had been hungry but unable to eat at least once.

The majority of areas in Yorkshire and the Humber are in the top 20 percentile with the greatest percentages of adults going hungry, whereas, in the east of England, the majority of authorities are in the 20% that have the lowest levels of hunger.

Food insecurity is the inability to consistently afford and access food needed to maintain good health and wellbeing.

The problem has been highlighted recently due to the rise in reporting on food bank usage in the UK. In November 2020 The Trussell Trust saw a 47% increase in support needed during the pandemic.