Legs Workout at Home In 4 Minutes (No Equipment Needded

Squats are king because they’re the most challenging leg movement you can do. They work all the lower-body musculature and have been shown to spike muscle-building hormone release. In fact, squatting before doing curls has even been shown to significantly improve arm strength! Don’t laugh: Powerlifter and bodybuilder Layne Norton, Ph.D., pairs the two moves in his Legs and Arms Blast workout.For leg growth, do this movement first with several light warm-up sets, pyramiding up in weight, before attempting your heaviest weight for multiple sets. Classic rep schemes like 5×5 or 3×8-10 work great. Don’t be afraid to belt up if you’re going heavyFront squats also demand—and build—serious upper back and core strength. Those benefits also apply to variations like dumbbell front squats and goblet squats. Think you’re too strong for goblets? Strength coach and physical therapist John Rusin requests that you do half your body weight for 20 reps and reconsider. 

Movements like snatches and power cleans take some serious dedication and technique to master, but they can be unrivaled when you are trying to improve jumping power for sports or even squat strength. In fact, one study found a nearly 18 percent greater improvement in squat 1RM after following an Olympic-based program compared to a traditional powerlifting program. 

While the rep ranges for these lifts aren’t usually in the “golden” range for hypertrophy, the large amount of muscle mass used and higher intensities may still increase testosterone release. If you’re just learning, there are plenty of progression lifts to help you get to the full lifts.Deadlift variations are rightfully considered whole-body exercises, specifically for the posterior chain. But research has shown that along with the hamstrings and glutes, they definitely hit the quads, as well—especially if you pull with a wider or sumo-style stance.For bodybuilders, the deadlift is commonly trained as part of back day. If you’re training it with legs, you probably won’t be able to go too heavy—keep the reps moderate, at least 5-8 reps per set, hit them after squats, and stop each set short of failure.