The Secret to Stopping Fear and Anxiety (That Actually Works) | Mel Robbins

Anxiety is really just a symptom. It’s a result (ultimately) of how you habitually think and focus your attention. You think, believe, and focus in a way that causes you to feel disconnected from where your power and certainty actually resides. It’s this experience of separateness that makes you feel powerless and out of control. 

Your real power exists within you. It’s that deeper part of you that is calm, confident, all-knowing, and wise. It’s that aspect of you that probably gets very little of your attention or focus. Maybe you go days, weeks, months, or years ignoring or forgetting about this powerful piece of your being. 

The quality of your conscious connection with this part of who you are -not just knowing about it, but becoming linked with it – is in direct proportion to the amount of peace, stability, and joy you feel. This inner part of yourself is where your power originates – and it’s where your certainty is, 24/7. So take a deep breath. Go to that yoga class. Smell the lovely lavender oil. But more importantly, take time every day to connect to the brilliancy, power, clarity and certainty of your own soul.